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Peace Dove
Love makes all life possible... and living a great thing to love.
We call her mother nature... she holds us in heavens above.

Love is that special feeling, for someone you like very much.
Just go ahead and tell them so, with a kiss and loving touch.

Of course there is nothing better, than when someone loves you too.
A person who really means it and often shows how they do.

I confess I love my teacher, cause she cares enough to teach.
She helps me find hard answers when they seem so far from reach.

Beside our fondness for people there are other kinds of sweets.
Perhaps you love to eat ice-cream or some other kinds of treats?

I always take good loving care of my loving puppy Jack.
And since that makes him so happy, he always loves me back.

An artist must love all his colors, to do what he must do.
What is your favorite color? I just LOVE the color blue!

To love is to be forgiving, even when things don't go right.
That's the time for loving the most, so try to with all your might.

Carrie wants a family now, she's fallen in love with Harry.
Since they love each other so much, Carrie and Harry will marry.

If you doubt the right thing to do, and you don't know how to choose,
always make the loving choice and you'll never ever lose.

Please keep yourself fit and healthy and love yourself most of all.
We always need more love in the world... enough of love for us all.


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