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Peace Dove

Hey, hey, hey! I think you got your wish today.
Snow, snow, snow! I hope it sticks and it will stay!

Look at those little crystal flakes. I just love to watch it snowing.
I love the gentle sound it makes and the crisscross way it's blowing.

Wake up! Get up! Get dressed! Hurray! The snow has closed our school today!
Y'allright... all right... okay... OKAY!

It's always very cold outside when ever the weather snows...
So I'll dress your body warmly from your head down to your toes.

When the snow's been floating down and collecting on the ground...
we can form some balls of snow and toss them all around.

There's a thrill when you go sledding, swishing swiftly down a hill,
but don't slide into any thing, that might be standing still.

If your lips start turning blue and your body starts to tire,
it's time to take a break for lunch and thaw out by the fire.

Gosh, the snow is mounting up, we'll just have to clear some ice.
We'll make a path for us to skate and the skaters say, "that'snice."

Now the snow is thick enough to roll it into balls,
to build a great big snowman who's standing proud and tall.

Winter is very quiet now with the fluff about knee deep.
But I hear a muffled snowplow rumbling right down our street.

We should help Mom shovel the drive, so she doesn't do it alone
and then when Daddy does arrive, he will make it safely home.

The snow is very tiny. I hope it doesn't stop.
I'm feeling very weary, so off to sleep I'll drop.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The snow fell all night long!
Don't you just love snow when it snows - on and on and on?

I want to go right outside and stay in the snow all day.
Sorry, that's quite impossible, since snow has blocked our way!

I never would believe it! Perhaps you even know?
Yes there is such a thing, as way - WAY TOO MUCH SNOW!

Home From School
Warm By The Fire
SHoveling Out

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