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U.S. Open Preview golf illustration spread by Michael Smollin

Present a character(s) in any situation and Michael will find a humorous take on the subject. If he should choose to make an pointed editorial statement, we will enjoy the experience of being stabbed. It all looks so simple and easy… graceful and necessary… so characteristic. Call it a flair, or a knack, yet his innate ability to visualize a drawing is magic. Elaborate, full-color illustrations begin with tissue sketches to develop the composition and make a refined drawing. This drawing is placed on a lightbox and overlayed with heavy Strathmore kid-finished paper for inking. Once the ink drawing is complete, transparent color is applied to taste for grand results like this painting of Manhattan and Long Island. White areas are the paper and not painted. Lego Illustrations shown in this medley were executed digitally as vector art with Adobe Illustrator. The artist has been known to go to bed late, with a pen and 30 x 40 piece of foamcore, and fill it with crowds of birthday well wishers in some grand setting impromptu.