Staples Seal

H   A   L   L      O   F      F   A   M   E

This page honors those stapleites whose repeated investments glorify the meaning of the word Love.
We have all benefited from their magnanimous actions which continue to enrich our lives in incalculable ways.

We must also acknowledge the efforts of all classmates that have served our cause in a variety of ways whom remain nameless. They are extremely generous and thoughtful to contribute to our sense of well being. With all sincerity the class thanks you.


Dick Sandhaus, Class of 1967

1966 - For Outstanding Performance Being The First and Only Staples Impresario!

Dick is a classmate of vision who arranged the legendary musical artists to appear in concert at Staples Auditorium, proms and dances from 1965 -1969. The list includes: The Animals, The Beau Brummels, The Blues Project (twice), Cream, The Doors, The Grass Roots, James Gang, The Left Bank, The Loved Ones, Mitch Ryder, Poco, The Remains (twice), The Rich Kids, Rhinoceros, Sly and the Family Stone (twice), The Young Bloods, The Yardbirds and The Young Rascals.

Dick made the confession that there was no reason why a name act couldn't appear at our school, so set about making the arrangements. He approached Jim Caulkins for permission and financial assistance, because there was no cash fund available at the beginning of the school-year. Upon the principal's suggestion, Dick made a pitch to the BOE. They were so impressed with this local youth in madras jacket and knit tie, that they agreed to support his wholesome entertainment proposal for the community.

I'm also quite sure we did a Staples show with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. Finally, I know there was a show headlined by Taj Mahal during the tour he did with the all-tuba band. There were some notable opening acts. The Blues Project concert was opened by Richie Havens. When the Blues Project was detained in NYC finishing a recording session, "Jeremy Steig and the Satyrs" drove up to do a (very long) set until the Blues Project arrived. The faculty and parent chaperones were miffed by our violation of the 10pm concert curfew. The Yardbirds show (and one or two others) was opened by an ambitious "local" band then calling itself "The Strangeurs" and, in later appearances, "The Chain Reaction". They were fronted by a guy most people at the time regarded as a Mick Jagger impersonator, Steve Tallarico. Steve changed his last name to Tyler a few years later and started another band called Aerosmith. I'm trying to get you a copy of the video from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Steve introduced Led Zeppelin prior to their formal induction. Steve recalled -- on camera -- first meeting Jimmy Paige backstage at Staples.

Mary Palmieri


Mary Pamlieri Gai

2005 - For Leadership and Planning Our 35th Reunion

1980-2000 - For Continuing Participation Organizing Class Reunions

Mary has a huge heart and she is a true 'people person.' We thank her deeply for inspiring us to gather, being our Westport center, and demonstrating her diplomatic skills. She is innately driven to keep our connections alive as proven by her leading most of our reunion efforts over the years.

She also loves to microwave bacon in the middle of the night.

Chou Chou Raum


Chou Chou Merrill Raum

2005 - For Continuing Maintenance of Class Unity and Connection

1995 - For Supporting the Efforts of the Bernard C Harris Publishing Company Inc Compiling the Staples High School Alumni Directory 1995

Chou has been looking out for our welfare ever since we graduated, serving on reunion committees and taking initiative to keep us in communication with one another. As a direct result of her collaboration on the Alumni Directory our 30th Reunion 2000 was very successful.



Robert Kelly

1980-2005 - For Continuing Support Of Class Reunions

Bob has been key to the success of our Reunions by maintaining our contact database until 2005. He is also responsible setting up mini reunions in between the big ones. Mr Kelly continues to hunt down alumni who have fallen off our radar.


Laura "Booty" Eckle

2005 - For Continuing Participation Organizing Class Reunions

Booty has worked on numerous reunion committees over the years being a loyal supporter of different directors and protecting the general welfare of the class. When interviewed at Reunion 2000, Booty claimed to have "…physical proof that Freddy Mercury is still alive!"

Staples Softball Coach Tom Wall


Tom Wall

2005 - For Providing The Opportunity To Picnic

As Recreation Counselor Tom has acted as liaison to the Compo Beach facilities to secure the permits required for our special Sunday picnics. You have to love this guy for doing this repeatedly and even working for Reunions he cannot personally attend. This demonstrates class spirit of the kind that humbles the rest of us.



Linda D Tumey

1995 - For Supporting the Efforts of the Bernard C Harris Publishing Company Inc Compiling the Staples High School Alumni Directory

Linda was an enthusiastic supporter of the Alumni directory and the benefit it would have as a resource. She contributed her contact information and tracked down classmates who had vanished. As a direct result of her labor our 30th Reunion in 2000 was quite successful.

if anyone knows how to contact Linda please send email with details

Feel free to nominate a classmate to the Hall Of Fame. Please send all relevant information and your reasoning for the nomination in an email to the committee.

- - Staples Reunion Committee 8/13/05