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I was the kind of person who never bought a yearbook and I never went to my graduation. I'm sorry about that now. I feel a special bond with my high-school-friends that isn't like any other and I honestly feel that those three years were the most wonderful of my life. Now, I am looking forward to another great reunion where we can share that unique sense of camaraderie.
Witnessing how difficult it is to organize a reunion provided the inspiration for building a website that will serve our interest as a group and make the process of information exchange easy for everyone. There is a core group of classmates that always surface to make reunions happen, so this place exists because of their willingness to give of themselves generously.  As a result, this will be a permanent alumni website where we can retreat to, make contact with old friends and post contributions to share with others. The Reunion Committee will actively focus on uniting alumni from the classes of 69, 70, 71 and we also welcome Stapleites from other graduating classes to join us.


1]  Your registration is essential to our mission. Register your contact information so we can reach you via email. Please type the year you graduated after your last name if you are NOT class of 70. Check the box(s) for reunions you would like to attend so we have a consensus to plan with. We may also arrange for interim reunions if we attain critical mass and the desire.

2]  Re-register when ever you change your email, mailing address, or name.

3]  Please spread the word about the site to encourage and maximize alumni participation.

4]  Tell people to register their contact information at, send us the contact information for classmates you think are missing from our list.

5]  Please do not get angry with the committee if we make a mistake. If you have a problem please email a note and we will make it right.


1]  This website is free and will remain that way. It is run and maintained by volunteers, who determine the content through their efforts. This is a central place to conduct class affairs for the next fifteen years at the very least.

2]  Once you register your email address, you will receive quarterly update announcements, and you will receive additional invitational emails prior to and just following reunion events. We will not spend money on 'snail-mail.' Registration also allows you to publish a link to your website so others can learn about you in the present, or patronize your business. If your registration contains an error, we will contact you privately to correct it.

3]  We provide lists for your reference; The master Alumni List displays these column headings; Name, Occupation & Website, Reunions and Last Update of the record. The Reunion Info page shows attendees for each reunion year and displays these column headings; Name, Website, Reunions and Last Update of the record.

4]  You may contact the site at any time via email to ask a question or make a suggestion, post a message, send photos for the Staples Image Archive, or post a news story. 14 committee members and their email links are available on The Committee page, so can contact them directly if necessary. Please feel welcome to send an inspirational quote.

5]  You may browse the Staples Photo Archive to learn about the history of the school, to view historic pictures, see select vintage yearbook photos, and snaps taken at reunions.

6]  You can read Quotes, Messages and Class News, which are posted for the general benefit of alumni. We do not intend to provide any kind of chat service, or blogs, unless someone can donate their time to program such features.

7]  You may read all about The Band, its musical members and see what material we are working on. This site was originally started for the purposes of preparing our class band, Smoke, to play at reunions and it will continue to serve that purpose.

Many of us value your participation. We all thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the entertainment.


1]  You can assume that any alumnus named on this website is a member of the Class of 1970 unless their name is followed by a two-digit number for a different graduation year.

2] This site has the potential to become what we make it. You are welcome and encouraged to participate with suggestions, artwork, anecdotes, news of important bearing, or photographs. The Image Archive is starting to take on a life of it's own, so pull those dusty old class photos to look at them for the third time and consider posting them here. Please save send images in jpeg format, scanned @ 300 ppi (pixels per inch) @ 100% original size.

3] If you choose to venture through the pages of this website, in the absence of blackmail, strong-arm-political-tactics, peer pressure, corporate injustice or a hangover; You do so at your own risk, absolutely free-of-charge, no money down, no interest , no service fees, no payments for the first twenty years and we'll pick up the tax! You'll want act quickly! Don't delay! First come - first served - while supplies last, so come register today! This offer is not available in stores, or at imitation websites promising reunited bliss. You can Google far and wide, but you will not find memorabilia that compares to this exclusive cyber-service. Even of you are NOT of sound mind and spirit you can advantage of this offer. There are no negative side affects. We use only the freshest, authentic, all-natural, non-fat, gourmet, home-style, cosmic 1950's and 60's nostalgia; just like Granny used to make. Come before midnight tonight! We will not be undersold! Remember that supplies are unlimited. We're almost giving it away. If you respond in the next nine weeks, operators are standing by, we'll send you a bonus gift as a token of our thanks. You will receive a hand-crafted digital invitation by email, usually within seventy minutes. This offer is only good for Staples High School Alumni, Weston High School Alumni and graduates of other private institutions of learning, physically located in the cities of Norwalk, Westport or Weston Connecticut, New England, in the United State of America, who were born between 1884 and 2005. Allow thirty (30) minutes for product to take full affect and return as often as you like for a refill - completely free - or your money back. Returns are subject to a re-stocking fee. If the hermetic seal is broken, return the unused portion of fun for a full refund, no receipt required.

The Staples Reunion Committee and are not responsible for any claims or warrantees made by sponsors. Offer void if serial numbers are filed off. Minute-Men are not eligible.